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Unity08 at 1.2% of Membership Goal for Election 2008

A quick update on the status of Unity08, the corporation headed by lobbyists, public relations executives, mass mailing millionaires and campaign consultants that wants to pick its very own presidential and vice presidential candidate in June 2008:

1. After originally setting a goal of 25 million participating delegates for its June 2008 nominating convention, Unity08 made a more modest goal for itself: 1 million members by the end of 2007 and 10 million members by Election Day 2008. The end of 2007 will be tomorrow, and Unity08 has only 122,647 individuals who have signed up as members on its website. Some of these memberships are duplicates, and most of them are of people who have failed to participate further on the Unity08 website itself. With one day left, Unity08 has 877,353 new members to go to reach its goal for 2007. Unity08 has achieved only 1.2% of its membership goal for the 2008 elections.

2. The Unity08 Trailblazer website, through which hundreds of thousands of new members of Unity08 were to be signed up by a deadline in the middle of November 2007 in a pyramid recruiting effort, has been defunct and non-functional since October 31, 2007.

3. The College Unity08 website, on which an army of dedicated college students was to coordinate a wave of youth support for Unity08, has a total of 17 forum posts, most of them by the handful of students picked by Unity08 to start the whole ball on its inevitable course smashing through young folks’ apathy like a meteor of righteousness. The last of the seventeen forum posts was posted three months ago, and the web site has been dormant since.

4. Even on the main Unity08 web site, there hasn’t been a blog post by staffers for two weeks.

A populist uprising this ain’t.

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