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Watch for Connections Between Unity08 and Bloomberg Group

Surprise, surprise.

The day after Michael Bloomberg summoned 15 wealthy powerbrokers with multiple corporate connections to a meeting at which they will issue an policy platform ultimatum to the presidential candidates and then declare their own presidential bid, Unity08 posted a breathless comment of support for the group, linking in for evidence of independent approval to another breathless post by The Hotline.

Guess who founded both The Hotline and Unity08? Why, Douglas L. Bailey. Of course, neither The Hotline nor Unity08 disclosed this in their posts.

Look for further connections between Unity08 (a group of corporate public relations and mass mailing consultants and lobbyists without a candidate) and the January 7, 2008 Bloomberg meeting (a group of 16 wealthy powerbrokers sitting at the nexus of the corporate world and politics) to emerge. The whole situation just screams, in big thirty-foot-tall letters, “SHENANIGAN!”

One thought on “Watch for Connections Between Unity08 and Bloomberg Group”

  1. Tess Boulart says:

    Unity08 has been dissolved.

    The listserve is being used by Bloomberg operatives.

    Members are being contacted by phone as the source for a

    Bloomberg “media opinion poll”.

    We are not happy.

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