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Watch for New Options From Ethical Clothing Printer Skreened

Skreened, the ethical clothing printer out of Columbus Ohio that makes a point of donating profits to charitable causes and offers only shirts made by American Apparel, is getting set to roll out a new list of features within a month or so. They look exciting to me and include:

  • Printing on the back of a shirt as well as the front
  • Ability to place designs in a variety of positions on a shirt
  • Even MORE colors and more sizes of shirts for adults and kids
  • Comments and ratings for your shirt designs
  • Ethically produced tote bags
  • Ability to create specialty stores around a particular kind of product, like, oh, a kids’ shop

Pretty good wish list, and I’m looking forward with eagerness for those wishes to come true some time in the next month or so. We already offer shirts for 2008 presidential election candidates and more generally progressive political shirts through Skreened, and it will be great to work with this small business more extensively as they continue to grow.

2 thoughts on “Watch for New Options From Ethical Clothing Printer Skreened”

  1. Tom says:

    You know, when i was in Lowe’s yesterday i noticed a boatload of products (mostly tools and accessories) made in China. Why don’t people just start making our own stuff again – avoid the shipping (& keeping the environmental impact to a minimum), providing jobs at livable wages, and bringing America back? Everyone thinks cheap/exploited labor is the keystone to business, but if a company is run in a different way (where the workers ARE the owners, so they have a vested interest in all parts of it) these problems can be solved (as long as everyone isn’t greedy). The new business attitude should revolve around sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  2. Fruktata says:

    Well, it seems that Skreened and Irregular Times are doing their bits to encourage the sort of return to American-made items with fair labor that you’re talking about.

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