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Homeland Idiots Can’t Even Bother Paying the Phone Bill

George W. Bush and his authoritarian Homeland Security goons get all hot and sweaty with their claims that armageddon will surely result if their authority to listen to our telephone calls, read our emails, and scan our web surfing without any search warrant, as established under the infamous Protect America Act of 2007, is not renewed at the beginning of this year.

jcliffordBut then, right after demanding that the Bill of Rights remain in the paper shredder, they go ahead and botch their own wiretapping investigations by forgetting to pay the bills. An internal audit by the Justice Department finds that large number of their wiretapping efforts have had to be put on hold when FBI agents didn’t pay for the costs incurred with the telephone companies they commanded to help them spy.

One office alone in the FBI had $66,000 in unpaid wiretapping bills. That’s a lot of listening in.

If the Homeland Insecurity people can’t even keep their books in order, how are they going to protect us from evildoers? Well, they aren’t.

Why should we trust these people with the authority to overrule our constitutionally established protection from unreasonable search and seizure? Well, we shouldn’t.

They’re the totalitarians who couldn’t shoot straight.

(Source: Associated Press, January 10, 2008)

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