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Most Media Ignore January 11 Anti-Guantanamo DC Protest

Approaching the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 11 2008 to attend National Mall Protest Against Guantanamo and Torture

I decided to attend last Friday’s protest rally and march against indefinite detention and torture at Guantanamo Bay and other U.S. black sites not just because I respected the goals of the protest, but because I thought it might be important to document what was said and done there. I’m very glad I went, because as it turns out the protest was largely ignored outside the circle of 250 or so people who were there on the National Mall that day. As I walked up to the protest fifteen minutes before it began, I identified myself as a blogger and the organizers asked if I would like a press packet. These are handy things, not necessarily because they provide press release talking points but rather because they identify the participants, the speakers and their affiliations, and these are pieces of information which can literally get lost in a crowd. After I received a press packet I was asked to sign in for the organizers’ informational purposes. There were two news organizations that had signed in before me: Agence France Presse and Voice of America. I looked up at the very kind staffer behind the press desk and asked whether press attendance would be light. She looked nervous, paused, then said with a catch in her voice, “Oh, no. We have a lot of the major networks and press groups here today.”

I never saw any major news network press details, or even a major news camera detail. Heck, I never saw a minor one. Outside of a handful of people like me, I only saw the AFP and Voice of America people at the protest, and standing by the stage taking pictures in a protest of just 250 people (about 150 of whom were in orange jumpsuits), trust me, I’d have noticed. And hey, wouldn’t you know that AFP and Voice of America were the two outfits giving any detailed reports.

I know after the fact that this was a small protest, but the networks and newspapers didn’t know that ahead of time. They decided not to show up ahead of time, making a decision in parallel with the American people.

2 thoughts on “Most Media Ignore January 11 Anti-Guantanamo DC Protest”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    In parallel with their indifference toward the decision of Judge Karen Lecraft Henderson that foreigners taken prisoner by the United States government don’t count as human beings.

    The American people, and the American journalistic profession, are tired of caring. It’s just so… exhausting to pay attention to the details, the poor dears.

  2. Iroquois says:

    But more impressive when you consider the international character of the demonstration–I mean, they were in at least 8 cities on four continents.

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