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But Is America Ready To Elect A President With Brains?

hillary clinton brains for presidentLet’s speak plainly about racism and sexism in rhetoric of the 2008 presidential election. There’s a whole bunch of people who are simultaneously using racism or sexism as a campaigning tactic, and at the same time denying that they’re doing it.

jcliffordHere’s the code: Instead of calling Obama a “nigger”, people will say, “Oh, I like Barack Obama, but do you really think that America is ready to elect a black man as President?” Instead of telling Hillary Clinton to get back into the kitchen, people will say, “Oh, I like Hillary Clinton, but do you really think that America is ready to elect a woman as President?”Catch that slick maneuver? The person asking the rhetorical question gets to simultaneously pretend not to be sexist or racist and slyly engage in the promotion of sexism or racism. All the while, if anyone questions their motivation, the person can just say that no, it’s the other people who are sexists or racists that they’re worried about, but that sadly, we must be realistic in choosing an electable Democrat, and so Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton just have to be ruled out.

So, what can we do to confront and counteract this slippery tactic? I’ve got a couple ideas about that. Confront an evasive rhetorical question with a direct rhetorical question, I say… read more about it

One thought on “But Is America Ready To Elect A President With Brains?”

  1. Iroquois says:

    The Hillary/Tyra show, I can hardly wait. For schedules:

    One more hour here, but I already had to look at Jerry Springer’s face and now must I sit through Montel interviewing Judge Judy? Acckkk!

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