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Will Maryland Join 11 Other States Building DNA Database of Innocent Citizens?

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley at a January 11 2008 Press ConferenceMaryland Governor Martin O’Malley is asking the Maryland state legislature to pass a law that takes DNA samples from those arrested for — but not necessarily charged with or convicted of — crimes in the state. Those DNA samples would then be kept in a centralized database for government use.

Maryland would join these other states which already take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not necessarily charged with or convicted of any crime and shove them into a database for government use:

New Mexico
North Dakota
Texas (post-indictment)

I find this proposal odious because it violates the letter and the spirit of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It seizes the most personal information about an individual for permanent use by the government as evidence in any crime committed in a state, and it doesn’t even require that a person has violated the law for the DNA sampling to occur. No warrants are issued for the further use of DNA matching by the government in perpituity. And all that has to happen for this process to be initiated is that a person is arrested. Not indicted. Not convicted. People who are innocent of any crime are going to have their DNA databased by the government. Why? Because it’s useful to the government.

A quick note: the big-government-prerogative, anti-liberty, anti-constitution governor in this instance, Martin O’Malley, is a Democrat. Just voting for the Democrat on the ballot is not enough to preserve your liberty.

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