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Will Bailey Follow his own Clean Money Pledge with Bloomberg?

In January of 2007, Unity08 rolled out a Clean Money Pledge. It challenged members of the public to sign on to a statement in which they committed to the following verbatim text:

I will only vote for a presidential candidate who has raised more than half of his/her funds through small contributions of $250 or less.

At the time, Douglas L. Bailey was the Chief Executive Officer of Unity08. He was directly responsible for the Clean Money Pledge, posing for videos endorsing it and writing articles on Unity08 about it, challenging presidential candidates in 2008 to “walk the walk” of reform. Douglas Bailey sent out letters on behalf of Unity08 to presidential candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties, challenging them to commit to take a majority of their funds from donations of $250 or less. And in an April 2007 deposition (see page 77) Bailey described why he thought the Clean Money Pledge was appropriate “for all candidates to follow”:

Clean Money Pledge is an effort to — by Unity08 and its supporters to encourage the candidates for President to do what we will do, which is to fund — to do what Unity08 will do. And that is to fund its entire efforts ultimately with contributions well over 50 percent of the funds raised would be in contributions of $250 or less. We think that’s an appropriate effort, given the capacities of the Internet, for all candidates to follow. And so we’ve encouraged them to do it.

In January of 2008, Douglas L. Bailey walked away from Unity08 because he felt it hadn’t raised enough big money. A report due to the IRS on January 31, 2008 will tell us whether Unity08 met the standard of its own Clean Money pledge in the second half of 2007, but we already know that Unity08 failed to satisfy its own Clean Money Pledge in the 1st half of 2007 and in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of 2006.

Also in January of 2008, five short days after walking away from Unity08, Douglas L. Bailey popped up as the head of a brand-new “movement” to draft Michael Bloomberg for president. This “movement” is drawing hardly any people despite news stories in seven major newspapers, a DC insider journal, one network news program and two cable news channels, but Bailey calls it a “movement” nonetheless. In his news conference announcing the “movement” (see video here, minute seven), Bailey also had this to say about the “unique” advantage of a Bloomberg run for President:

The fact on top of that that he could finance his own campaign… is, is a distinct plus.

A Bloomberg campaign for president with one Billionaire contributor does not satisfy the conditions of Bailey’s own Clean Money Pledge. I wonder where Bailey’s moral dudgeon about big money has gone in one short year’s time.

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