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Long Beachcombing

long beach secretWhat I learned at Long Beach this week is that a beachcomber learns more about the land than the sea by what is found on the water’s edge. It seems that the ocean keeps more of what it makes than we do on the land. The ocean is a generous recipient, however, and returns many of our gifts. It does not hoard our disposed bottle caps in a giant undersea collection, but returns them ashore so that we may redeem their value ourselves. The ocean also seems to quite willing to return as many tennis balls as are thrown into its waves, playing a slow game of fetch, perhaps, with all the golden retrievers in the state of California.

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One thought on “Long Beachcombing”

  1. Tom says:

    That was really nice jclifford. Thanks for the pleasing, maybe illusory but poetic, conclusion to your piece – it made me smile.

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