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Entrance Polls Suggest Romney Nevada Win, With Ron Paul A Close Second

The Nevada Republican Party is still having trouble getting caucus reports up on its web page, but entrance polls suggest that Mitt Romney will win the Nevada Caucuses by a wide margin, with Ron Paul coming in as a clear and close second. The crosstabulations of entrance polls with demographic information on Republican caucusgoers is interesting. Mitt Romney predominantly won his support from older Nevadans (hello, snowbirds!), while Ron Paul disproportionately attracted the young. Ron Paul received over half the vote of Republican caucusgoers who indicated that they have no religion, which makes sense. If you’re a Republican and you’re not religious, the proselytizing, evangelizing presentation of most of the Republican presidential candidates is not going to be appealing. Ron Paul has some weird ideas about trying to push promotion of religion using the government, but among the Republican contenders he is one of the most secular (which isn’t saying much). Meanwhile, Mitt Romney appears to have had the support of 95% of Nevada’s Mormon Republican caucusgoers. Go team, go?

Of course, these are just entrance polls as people go in to the caucusing place. What people do inside a place isn’t always what they say they’re going to do, so let’s watch and see.

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