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Mike Huckabee Sings Kiss the Devil

Republican candidate for president Mike Huckabee knows the truth is coming out. He’s a Satan-loving Sinner and he’s proud to scream and shout: Kiss the Devil! Oh yes. Smooches for Satan too, you know.

What? Whaaaaat? Is that offensive? Offensive to your religious sensibilities? But, wait, gee… wasn’t Mike Huckabee telling his supporters that electing him is the Lord’s work? Wasn’t Mike Huckabee telling crowds last week that his job as president was to rewrite the Constitution to fit his idea of God’s standards? Hell’s bells, it’s OK for someone to use the office of president to turn narrow Baptist sensibilities into the law of the land, but it’s not OK for an image of Mike Huckabee to propose giving Satan a little smooch? Whose standards are that? Whose rules are that? Whose politics is this? Whose nation is this?

Get it?

7 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee Sings Kiss the Devil”

  1. anon says:

    Iko Iko nan de!

  2. Winghunter says:

    Why wait until the Libs tell you what their records are??

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way )

  3. Mike O'Risal says:

    The opposite of Mike Huckabee is John Waters’ A Dirty Shame. Seriously.

  4. Horatio says:

    I think that this is totally unfair and inaccurate. For the record, what Mike Huckabee actually said was not “Kiss the Devil”!

    How can we trust you, when you try to twist Huckabee’s words in this way?

    What Huckabee actually said was, “Lick the Devil”!

    Get it right, Irregular Times!

  5. Vynce says:

    i’m afraid this is the sort of approach that will, if you’ll pardon the ironic metaphor, only ring true with the choir. the people who will be offended by this are the same people who already think it’s OK that Huckster wants to replace the bill of rights with the list of shants, and this won’t persuade them that this is an illogical or irrational or unfair PoV. they really want a christian government, and most of them either don’t care what brand of christian or firmly believe that their brand will end up on top, since it’s obviously the one true way.

  6. Jim says:

    Oh, you’re probably right. I’ve done the sincere version too, and I wanted just to have fun with this one. I’ve gotten tired of the whole can’t-disagree-with-someone-who-says-he-communicates-with-the-lord-of-the-universe game, so I’m just blowing out the other side of the whole thing.

  7. Iroquois says:

    I thought it was a riot to see Huckabee making the same facial gestures as those gargling Christmas frogs–or were they ‘holiday’ frogs.

    If you want more Huckabee fun, try this one, then follow the family portrait and fried squirrel links.

    My landlord (the I-don’t-rent-to-Arabs guy) says he would never vote for Obama because Obama doesn’t wear a flag in his lapel, therefore he’s not loyal to America.

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