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Who is Behind the Hussein Obama Push Poll?

Contained in this recording is a push poll sent to a Nevada residential phone this week. A push poll ostensibly comes in the form of a research question, but is actually designed to deliver a message. In this case, the message is the middle name “Hussein” in the full name “Barack Hussein Obama.” The message is that Obama himself is somehow Muslim or dedicated to Islam. Listen to it.

There are three possibilities about the origin of this push poll. The first possibility is the one that will spring to most people’s minds, which is that the campaign of Hillary Clinton is somehow involved, either directly or through a surrogate organization. The idea here is that the Clinton campaign has done whatever it took to prevail in the primary stage of the campaign. If that means trying to dredge up some hatred of Muslims in the untrue insinuation that Barack Obama is Muslim in order to win the Democratic nomination, so be it.

But there are other possibilities as well. The second possibility is that there is some Republican involvement here, with Republicans for whatever reason trying to interfere in the race. The third possibility is that there is an Obama supporter or someone in the Obama campaign itself that is using the push poll to generate outraged sympathy for the Obama campaign.

We really need to know who is behind this push poll, because that knowledge is important. It either confirms that the Republicans have a serious problem with religion, engaged in the effort to identify the right religions and the wrong religions, or that the Clinton campaign is willing to Muslim-bait in order to win, raising the question of what the clinton campaign wouldn’t do, or that the Obama campaign is behaving in Machiavellian fashion behind the scenes while stepping out in front of the cameras to deliver a message of hope. Whichever of these is going on, we need to know, because the truth of this matter will tell us much more than speechifying could tell about what to expect from an Obama administration, or a Clinton administration, or the continuation of a Republican regime.

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