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Are You A Target of the Asplundh Conspiracy?

We received an e-mail this morning, and I have to say it’s one of the most interesting we’ve gotten in some time. Rather than comment on it, I think it’s best to simply pass it on:

Asplundh, a 73 year old tree cutting service, with over $ 2 Billion in revenue, with deep roots to the power companies, is a deep and major supporter of the Bush gestapo.

From the Asplundh web site:
“So, let’s see. There’s a war going on, a sagging economy, domestic threats. How good can it get?! Maybe this is an early warning and we – our company, as well as the world – could be better off for all of this. We all have become united together against this common threat of terrorism.”

Recently Asplundh has not only been hovering around my property a number of times ( after they have completed their work), they have illegally hopped my fence and trespassed on my property more than once. I have pictures and video to prove it.
What a great front for illegal Bush covert spying activities.
If they trespass again, not only will I have the employees arrested I will sue Asplundh.

What about you? Have you been a target of the Asplundh conspiracy? And what’s up with that extra h? Think about it.

One thought on “Are You A Target of the Asplundh Conspiracy?”

  1. Matt says:

    Right of Way!! They have the right to work on the lines and if you have blocked the access to the lines they have the right to cross your lines.
    Do you like having power, then get used to people working protecting yours and other people lines. Power companies, by federal law, keep the right of ways clear and up to 16′ past that. But I see where your comming from, trying to make a buck driving the power price for the rest of us up. thanks.

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