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Both Clinton and Obama Recommit to Keep FISA Debate Going

Firedoglake has received assurances from the offices of both Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama that they WILL be in attendance to vote against ending debate on the FISA Amendments Act. By doing so, Senators Clinton and Obama will be keeping their promise to help prevent the FISA Amendments Act — which would legalize government surveillance on Americans without a warrant and reward telecom companies which broke the law by aiding the surveillance with an immunity deal.

A tentative thank you in advance goes to Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. I’ll withhold the wet, sloppy kiss when the deed is done.

Remember, both Clinton and Obama promised to support a filibuster of the FISA Amendments Act as well, not just to vote against cloture. I hope the Senators and presidential candidates keep their promise in full and put their considerable combined star power into opposing this anti-liberty, pro-big-brother, anti-constitution, corporate-crime-erasing bill.

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