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Senator John Cornyn of Texas Just Called You a Terrorist

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas just finished speaking before the Senate, working himself into a grand huff after Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin simply asked for Senators to debate and consider the FISA Amendments Act rather than just voting on it without consideration. Apparently, the notion of debate and consideration was too much for Senator Cornyn to bear as he rose on national television before the United States Senate to call you a terrorist.

Yes, he did. Senator Cornyn called you a terrorist. Just a few moments ago, he characterized the FISA Amendments Act like this:

I don’t know why any member of the United States Senate would object to procedures that we would employ within the bounds of the law to listen to communications between terrorists in order to detect and deter further terrorist attacks on our own soil, or against Americans, or our allies.

But you see, what the FISA Amendments Act does is to let the government sweep up communications between foreigners, between foreigners and Americans, and even between Americans and Americans, all rounded up in a nice big pile, all of it without a warrant. Senator John Cornyn just called all of these people terrorists.

You’re included in this set. After all, your communications would be swept up in the government’s net. Senator John Cornyn of Texas just called you a terrorist.

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