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John McCain Stands With John Hagee Religious Extremism

Tonight, John McCain’s rise back into the good graces of the Republican Party is predicted to enable him to bump Rudolph Giuliani out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. But who is John McCain, really? For some insight into that, consider John McCain’s political association with right wing televangelist John Hagee.

John Hagee is one of those televangelists who said that Hurricane was a righteous heavenly punishment against New Orleans sent by God himself – and John McCain is there with him.

John Hagee says that all non-Christians deserve the punishment of eternal suffering – and John McCain is there with him.

John Hagee says that protecting the environment doesn’t matter to Christians – and John McCain is there with him.

John Hagee says that AIDS and the Internet are curses foretold by the Bible – and John McCain is there with him.

John Hagee says that the Jews are to blame for their slaughter in the Nazi holocaust, and that God willed the Nazis into existence as punishment – and John McCain is there with him.

In spite of all the outrageous things that John Hagee has said, John McCain refuses to repudiate him. Instead, John McCain literally embraces the extremism of televangelist John Hagee. That’s the real John McCain.

Read John Hagee’s own words for yourself…

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2 thoughts on “John McCain Stands With John Hagee Religious Extremism”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh, but the still right wing media empire is really pushing for McCain. (On the BBC early this morning some “spokeswoman” from Germany was speaking with the announcer about McCain and expressing the opinion (“gushing”) that “all of Europe” feels that McCain would be “more predictable” and more likely to continue to somewhat follow-up what Bush has “accomplished”.
    Time magazine cover boy this issue. “Straight-talk” ya know.

    Yeah, it isn’t going to be a cake walk for the Democrats who have yet to actually define the “change” they talk so much about. It’s nice to paint rosy pictures in our minds, but if things don’t change real soon it’ll get dramatically worse for a much longer period of time than if we act progressively now to AVOID as much of the consequences as possible. The problem is that if we do decide to change, it’s gotta be worth it – people have to be “invested” in it. It has to be a global mindset and it can’t be business as usual. It’ll require fundamental changes in the way we “do” democracy and bot domestic and foreign policy. It’ll be about GLOBAL education, GLOBAL health care, GLOBAL food growth and distribution, and everyone’s NECESSARY place in the effort.
    A massive redistribution of wealth would need to take place or money should be abolished.
    Birth control, environmental action and restoration, rewriting the laws (get rid of corporate lobbyists – the government has to work for everyone), immigration, the list goes on and on. There’s so much work to do that we need to start immediately.

  2. niagaragirl says:

    John McCain is a real disappointment. He should retire and take with him all his trophy war photo’s and stuff them. He’s as racist as Hagee is, pompous, arrogant and an angry old man. He would make a good ‘molly maid’ with Hillary Clinton beside him, cleaning all toilets. We’ve had to listen to thier sh–t for years.

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