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Daily Archives: January 30, 2008

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John Edwards Drops Out. What About a VP spot?

Just because John Edwards is dropping out of the race for President doesn’t mean that he’s dropping out of the race for Vice President. If the Democratic race were rational, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would team up no matter which one won the nomination. However, the Democratic race is not rational, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem to have as much need for each other as a parakeet and a toothbrush. So, John Edwards comes up as the vice-presidential choice for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because, well, he isn’t Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

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527s Open Up Faith-Based Money Nightmare

We now know that Barack Obama’s victory in South Carolina took part with the assistance of church leaders, and that the core of his votes came from habitual churchgoers. How much longer, with this growing involvement of churches in presidential campaign, will it be before no candidate will be able to become President of the United States without approval from the nation’s most powerful churches?

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