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John Edwards Drops Out. What About a VP spot?

John Edwards is dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination for President later today. After a strong second-place tie with Hillary Clinton in Iowa, Edwards kept on losing ground as public perception became, still with only a minority of the primary election over with, that the race was merely between Clinton and Barack Obama.

Will it help Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama more? One could make an argument either way, depending on whether one believes that John Edwards took away some of the anti-Clinton vote from Barack Obama or that Edwards took away some of the anti-Obama vote from Hillary Clinton. Maybe it works both ways, and so it’s a wash.

Just because John Edwards is dropping out of the race for President doesn’t mean that he’s dropping out of the race for Vice President. If the Democratic race were rational, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would team up no matter which one won the nomination. However, the Democratic race is not rational, and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem to have as much need for each other as a parakeet and a toothbrush.

So, John Edwards comes up as the vice-presidential choice for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because, well, he isn’t Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

For that reason, though we’re keeping up our campaign items for John Edwards for a few days more, just for Edwards supporters seeking souvenirs, we’ll be keeping our items featuring John Edwards as a running mate online at with shirts at Skreened and at CafePress under both Obama and Clinton until either Clinton or Obama makes a final announcement about who the running mate will be.

4 thoughts on “John Edwards Drops Out. What About a VP spot?”

  1. Tom says:

    Dude, i’m seriously bummed. He’ll back Obama (if he isn’t coerced by Bill to endorse Hillary). Hopefully, Obama will beat out Hillary. Otherwise, there’ll be precious little difference between the two leading candidates beside gender. America loses if Hillary or McCain get the job. It’ll just be business as usual, which the earth can’t afford anymore, let alone the U.S.

  2. People Power Granny says:

    Check out my post on Edwards withdrawal from the race, which I hated. I’m at Readers can also vote in my poll on what they think he’ll do next.

  3. Tom says:

    Yo Granny, it says “Page Not Found” when i click on your link. . . .

  4. Jim says:

    There’s an extra period at the end of her link. Take it off and everything will work fine.

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