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Mukasey Testifying Before the Senate Judiciary Committee Now

Attorney General Michael Mukasey is testifying right now before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Word is that Senators will ask him, again, to indicate whether waterboarding is legal or constitutional. Expect Attorney General Mukasey, again, to refuse to answer the question.

Think about that: The top law enforcement official of the United States America will refuse to indicate whether an act of torture is against the law. This representative of the Bush administration will refuse to say that this act of torture is illegal. How far the Bush administration has dragged this country from its moral center!

Watch or listen to an audio feed of Mukasey’s testimony here.

Update: Yep, Michael Mukasey has just told the Senate that he will not tell anybody whether waterboarding is illegal. The top law enforcement official of our nation will not say whether waterboarding is illegal. What a sick and twisted man in a sick and twisted administration.

One thought on “Mukasey Testifying Before the Senate Judiciary Committee Now”

  1. Tom says:

    Big surprise: the same old lies, “i can’t say”, “i don’t remember” and all the other obfuscation letting America know that once again Bush gets away with murder. Then the lame Senate is “disappointed” that they approved this schmuck.
    Oh, please . . .
    Will someone please have the balls to impeach the cretin and his unholy cronies!!???

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