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For High Print Quality on Shirts, Skreened Passes the Test

November 5, 2015 Update: We have severed relations with Skreened. Here’s why.
I paid a trip this morning to Daniel Fox. Fox is the proprietor of Skreened, a small business that prints and delivers t-shirts for men, women, kids and even babies with graphics of various sorts. All the shirts are made in the USA by American Apparel. We partner with Skreened to sell liberal, 2008 campaign, and state political shirts, so this was a good chance for me to talk shop with Fox. Expect some interesting additions and upgrades to the Skreened printing service within the next month.

While I was there, Fox showed me a shirt that had been printed and was headed out to the post office. The shirt was a women’s light blue fitted t-shirt with the following “Peace on Earth” design:

Peace On Earth With a Dove Light Blue Fitted Women’s T-Shirt

Here is a section of the original graphic:

Peace On Earth with Dove Original T-Shirt Graphic

And here’s how the graphic looks printed out on the actual light blue Skreened shirt:

Peace on Earth Dove Graphic Printed on an American Apparel Light Blue Fitted T Shirt

Note the presence of the shadow surrounding the lines of the dove’s wings on both the graphic and the printed shirt. It’s where it should be, with just the right gradient. The quality of the print on this Skreened shirt (and on the other Skreened shirts I reviewed this morning) was pretty darned high.

One thought on “For High Print Quality on Shirts, Skreened Passes the Test”

  1. FRUSTRATING says:

    Oh you can place an order, but 3 weeks later you will not have anything to show for it. They do not answer e-mails for around 5 days. Then they will tell you your order is “in production” then you will nned to wait another week and when it still does not arrive you will be told the same thing again. I’m still waiting, I tried to cancel the order but they will not allow it since it is “in production”. 3 weeks! 3. W.e.e.k.s.

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