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Caught! Government Seizes American Communications Without a Warrant

In tomorrow’s newspaper, the New York Times reveals the following information obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

* In 2006, the FBI obtained the e-mail communications from all the accounts of an American company without the warrant required by the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

* The FBI has not disclosed how it used the information in those e-mails, other than to say that eventually the e-mails themselves were destroyed.

* This episode was not isolated. A government source indicated that “It’s inevitable that these things will happen. It’s not weekly, but it’s common.”

* In the associated FBI report on the matter, the FBI classifies the episode as being irrelevant to civil rights.

* The people whose constitutional rights were violated in this regard were never informed.

* Such episodes are not limited to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The NSA (National Security Agency) also swept up the content of entirely American conversations without so much as a warrant.

This information was obtained by the E.F.F thanks to a lawsuit — exactly the sort of lawsuit that the Bush administration, the Republican party and a surprising number of Democrats have shown great interest in bringing to an end with their FISA Amendments Act. Get it? What you really see going on in front of you in the Congress is an effort to keep this kind of revelation from ever reaching your eyes again.

One thought on “Caught! Government Seizes American Communications Without a Warrant”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    This confirms what I suspected about the impact . That’s a private company’s emails that were intercepted – including trade secrets.

    Maybe the emails were deleted after they were stolen by the government – maybe. Were all notes taken on those emails deleted? Was the memory of every FBI agent who saw the trade secrets in those emails somehow wiped clean?

    Of course not. They blame it on a “miscommunication”. What miscommunication was that? Bush’s Oath of Office?

    This incident shows quite plainly that the new electronic spy programs are against Americans and are bad for business, not just bad for individual liberty.

    The federal government, under the Protect America Act, is now conducting industrial espionage against American companies for goodness sakes! Why aren’t Republican voters furious about this? Too much NASCAR running through their brains?

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