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Protect America Act Expired 4 Days, and Still No Terrorist Attack!

Last week, when the U.S. House of Representatives voted to begin a recess without passing the final conference version of the FISA Amendments Act, making the Protect America Act permanent, President George W. Bush said that the Congress had made all America vulnerable to terrorist attack. Of course, the House recess just lasts for a week. So, apparently Bush believes that without the extreme spying powers of the Protect America Act and the FISA Amendments Act, there will be a terrorist attack some time this week.

Here we are on Wednesday already, in the middle of the week, and there hasn’t been any terrorist attack within the United States as all. With all this time after the Protect America Act, which President Bush said was absolutely vital for the security of the USA, terrorists haven’t even gone shoplifting at the Mall of America.

Other things are going on. In South Carolina, a police officer was shot at in a restaurant, but the bullet didn’t enter his body because it was deflected by a DVD. A bunch of fraternity boys in Boulder, Colorado got rowdy and caused damage to a motel. There was a bomb threat by a student at a college in New Jersey. Fundamentalists in Florida got themselves worked up into a tizzy at the idea that high school biology teachers might actually use the word “evolution” in the classroom.

But Al Quaida in the USA? Not a peep. Not one sighting. Not one videotape. The Islamofascist terrorists that right wing politicians claim are always on the verge of killing us all have not been seen anywhere.

The Protect America Act has expired, and there has been no attack. America is doing just fine without the President having the power to spy against American citizens without a search warrant. Let’s keep things this way.

Members of Congress, when you return to Washington D.C. after this week’s vacation, please do not allow the FISA Amendments Act to go to the desk of President George W. Bush.

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