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Draft Bloomberg PR Front Soldiers On After 10 Day Ultimatum Passes

On February 7, Unity08 CoFounders and CoWreckers Gerald Rafshoon and Douglas L Bailey used their strong power position as consultants to throw down a 10 Day ultimatum before the Billionaire Michael Bloomberg. “Ten Days!” they declared in a video featuring terrorist attacks and a ticking time bomb. “Ten Days!” for Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to decide whether he would run for president to save the nation with his, er, um, good stuff and great wonderfulness and, hmm, well, big budget capacity for consultants and junk… or instead decide that he would let the terrorists win.

During the ten day ultimatum period, Bloomberg sighed, rolled his eyes and shuffled back and forth from home to his mayoral office while Rafshoon insisted that a Bloomberg candidacy still had big, gonzo potential of some kind or another.

The ten day ultimatum thrown down by Bailey and Rafshoon passed five days ago. Nobody in the media remarked on its passing. Heck, the Draft Bloomberg power team of superconsultants hasn’t noted it either. They just keep right on chugging along, collecting more e-mail addresses for their solicitations… whoops, what a goof! I meant to write “collecting more signatures for a petition in their historically patriotic effort,” but that other phrase just slipped right off my quick-typing fingers. I apologize for the typo. Onward, Patriots!

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