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Hey Liberals! The Terrorist Threat Is Real!

I admit it. The threat of a terrorist attack in the United States is real.

Of course, the threat of an attack in the United States by grizzly bear, cougar or alligator is also real.

In fact, we know that there are grizzly bears, alligators and cougars inside the borders of the United States right now. Any of those cougars, grizzly bears, alligators could attack and kill an American any day.

There is no evidence that there are any terrorists inside the borders of the United States right now. None.

I’ll bet that, over the history of the USA, more people have been killed by alligators, cougars and grizzly bears than have been killed by terrorists.

We don’t need special legislation to protect us from cougars, grizzly bears and alligators by establishing a spy network of video cameras to watch over every street in every town in the United States. For the same reason, we don’t need the FISA Amendments Act.

The FISA Amendments Act would establish the power necessary to build a constant, secret spy network to read our emails, listen to our telephone calls, watch us on the Internet, and search our homes and offices without any search warrant or reason to suspect that any terrorist event is taking place or being planned. It’s justified by the idea that there is a vast, grave, ongoing threat of terrorist attack.

There is an ongoing threat of a terrorist attack, but the threat is not vast or grave. It is small. We should not accept vast and grave new government spy networks to deal with a small problem.

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