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Obama Dominance in Bumper Sticker Sales Lessened in Wake of 3/4

Last week, 92.7% of all the Election 2008 bumper stickers, buttons, shirts, lawn signs etc. for Democratic candidates we sold were items in support of Barack Obama, and only 6.4% were items in support of Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, in the wake of the primaries of March 4, 63.2% of the presidential items displayed support for Barack Obama, and 35.9% showed support for Hillary Clinton.

That’s not a reversal, but it is a big turnaround. Before the March 4 primaries, the overwhelming preference in sales for Obama as a presidential candidate was a strengthening trend (four weeks ago, Obama netted 72.5%; three weeks ago, Obama netted 86.7%; two weeks ago, 88.2%), and the big sales for Clinton did not begin until the results of the primaries began to trickle in. That indicates the change in proportions is a consequence of the outcome of the March 4 primaries, and not a reflection of the same trend that led to the outcome of the primaries.

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