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Bumper Sticker Straw Poll for Clinton and Obama, March 2-8 2008

Since Election Day 2004, we’ve kept track of committed support for various 2008 presidential contenders, indicated by sales of Election 2008 bumper stickers, magnets, campaign buttons, t-shirts and yard signs. While polls measure fickle opinions, our measure tracks the stronger commitment marked by the laying down of cash to promote a candidate in public. The more strongly committed are more likely to caucus and to vote. The following is the percent share of sales of our Election 2008 gear in the past week of March 2 to March 8, 2008:

Barack Obama 2008: 71.6%
Hillary Clinton 2008: 27.7%
Mike Gravel 2008: 0%
Others: 0.7%

In the week before last, Barack Obama had garnered 92.7% of all presidential sales, while Hillary Clinton had grabbed just 6.4%. The past week marks a strong improvement for Hillary Clinton, although sales of items supporting her still lag behind items supporting Obama to a rather significant degree. However, if the trend continues, it won’t take long for popular committed support for Clinton to surpass that for Obama.

2 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker Straw Poll for Clinton and Obama, March 2-8 2008”

  1. gravel kucinich paul nader says:

    Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader;
    dare speak truth,
    demand peace.

    Honesty compassion intelligence guts –

  2. spitzer mcgreevy craig vitter says:

    Spitzer McGreevy Craig Vitter;
    down pants boys
    demand service.

    Duplicity self above self adolescent guts –


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