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Debrand Telecom

The telecommunications giants are still at it, pushing Congress to pass the FISA Amendments Act as a way to obtain retroactive immunity for the telecommunication corporations’ violation of federal law when they helped George W. Bush spy on their customers without even the attempt to get a search warrant. They don’t care that the Constitution of the United States itself is weakened by their self-serving legal defense. They just want a get out of jail free card.

So, they’re playing big money games, lobbying Congress, and working with the Republicans to release fear mongering advertisements warning that if telecommunications corporations aren’t allowed to break the law without punishment, terrorists are going to kill us all.

If that’s the kind of nasty agenda that the telecommunications corporations want to hitch their brands to, then let’s help them make that connection clear. Let’s make explicit that buying from a telecommunications corporation means buying government spying. Let’s debrand these powerful corporations, telling the ugly truth that lies beneath their techno-savvy imagery.

Here’s my contribution to the cause. I hope AT&T threatens me with a lawsuit for putting this up online. I’ll just tell them that I’ve got retroactive immunity.

at&t wireless advertisement fisa immunity retroactive spying satire

One thought on “Debrand Telecom”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh, you mean our spineless Congress hasn’t caved yet? What a surprise.

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