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A Dream of Home Invasion

I woke up early this morning after having a pretty bad dream. My home was invaded by three men with shotguns who trapped me and my wife. As they looked at my wife, they told me my children would be drugged, stuffed in boxes, and taken across the border where they would be sold. I woke briefly from that dream, fell right back asleep and had a longer follow-up dream in which I was stomping on the head of one of the invaders again and again. I write a lot about overcoming a politics based on fear, but of course I have fears, and some of them are strong fears. I have in me the potential for great violence, but that potential is not activated because my fears are neither brought to reality nor very likely in reality. I’m fortunate in that regard. To create a more peaceful world it is crucial that we elect leaders who know how to create situations in which people’s fears are abated, not inflated. After we bring those leaders into office, we need to keep reminding them to actually do that.

6 thoughts on “A Dream of Home Invasion”

  1. Tom says:

    Now you know how “insurgents” are cultured. Start with ordinary people who don’t have much, sprinkle in an invading foreign power who claims to want to help you. As the situation worsens, “poof” you get people who grow some serious balls and decide they aren’t going to sit around and let that happen to their country.

    Too bad all we have is sheeple here. Oh, let’s vote or sign a petition. Yeah, fat lot of good that did (because we’ve gone down that dead-end road and look where we are now). Most of the East coast should have camped out in the streets of D.C. until this criminal was removed from office – either by Congress under that pressure that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE STREETS have, or FORCIBLY by the crowd (there aren’t enough police to contain MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of angry citizens who won’t put up with their country being railroaded into collapse). But of course, this isn’t possible here, so we get what we put up with. Enjoy!

  2. Jim says:

    So you just suggested that we ought to have a crowd forcibly remove a president from office? What kind of society is that, Tom?

  3. Tom says:

    No, it’s far too late now. And in answer to your question about the type of society that would be: it would resemble the America of 1776 in that people would take an ACTIVE part in their politics.

    But see, we’re so refined now, so blase about everything that it isn’t even an option now. In soviet Georgia that’s what happened a few years back. But here? Nah. We’ll watch tv and blog about it instead. You know – safer.

    So this is what we get. Enjoy the next couple of years of misery due to the fact that our belief in our phony government doesn’t work anymore (it isn’t enough to make things happen, apparently). Just writing letters isn’t cutting it. So, since we’re all such lame, spineless, do-nothing citizens (sheeple) we now have a country about to go into the toilet while its president does a soft shoe in the Rose Garden.

    Yeah, that’s the kind of democracy i want to live in.

  4. Jim says:

    Your way of thinking seems kind of dichotomous: either we’re doing nothing, or we’re engaged in forcible overthrow.

  5. Iroquois says:

    All this stuff about “making things happen”, but what things? Sound like maybe this guy needs to take up bungee jumping or scuba diving or something. I was about to go to the toilet though, how did he know?…

  6. Tom says:

    You’re right, Iroquois (and Jim) – nothing happens, so here we are.

    Like what you see? Well, don’t pretend you can DO anything but complain about it, because, well, just because “that’s the way it is.” So our government doesn’t work any more (except for the corporate sector), “what are ya gunna do?”
    The answer, as usual, is NOTHING. So sit back and watch as the dollar dies, the economy tanks and the next war (with Iran) begins.

    All this blogging, letters to the editor writing and petition signing is a WASTE OF TIME, since no one is listening, and those who are, aren’t going to DO anything but complain to each other or to deaf ears.

    So much for chickenshit American democracy/dictatorship. Let’s see how much we like it (and how long the American people will sit on their collective asses) when we can’t afford to eat, heat our homes or do anything besides try to find work – full time. Since it’s already WAY past too late, the coming crunch will be accepted and people will just go under with a whimper, i suppose.

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