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Mohammed The Cartoon Video Podcast

Never mind the Osama Bin Laden nonsense about cartoons of Mohammed being sinful and all that. This video comes to us straight from the prophet Mohammed himself. It seems that Mohammed has been enjoying some shopping in Singapore recently. A merchant like Mohammed understands the worth of great sales.

mohammed cartoon video islam blasphemy idolatryIt seems that Mohammed wanted to release his own video because, he actually doesn’t mind having cartoons made of him. Look, I know that this goes against Islamic theology, but right here we have the prophet Mohammed on video saying that it’s okay.

Who are we to argue with that?

When is Osama Bin Laden going to understand that the more he demands that people stop making cartoons of Mohammed, the more people will make cartoons of Mohammed?

15 thoughts on “Mohammed The Cartoon Video Podcast”

  1. Iroquois says:

    Against Islamic theology? I don’t think so. It’s not in the Koran. I have read the Koran and it’s not in there.

    The closest thing in the Koran I can think of is the part about not having other gods. As you will recall, the Islamic version of the Abraham and Issac story is a little different. For one thing, it’s Abraham and Ishmael. The base story is still about obedience to God, but Abrams father Imran is a maker of idols–gods, as it were. Abraham doesn’t just obey Allah, he obeys Allah in defiance of his father. Pretty strong stuff for a region where you get your religion from your father. Abraham has to reject his father as an idolater.

    If you fast forward to the time when the Prophet was forging a new religion, sandwiched between monotheistic empires, neither of which the Arabian peninsula could afford to be aligned with, he went back to Abraham, found the original stone of the temple that had been built by Abraham, and rebuilt that temple. Abraham and the rejection of idolatry are such basic tenets of Islam that even the bedouins who kiss the Koran but do not read it understand the part about only one god. It’s part of the three-part affirmation of faith, the Shahada, which even the bedouins who can’t keep together the 7-part Fatiha, can get right.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that cartoons are not the same as worshiping idols. I think cartoons are just new technology and it freaks them out.

  2. Juniper says:

    But, Iroquois, you’re making the mistake of equating the Koran and Islamic theology. Why assume they’re the same thing?

  3. Anonymous says:

    we all must learn 2 live with one nother and not upset me in my beliefs ndat meanz do wat i say not wat you say.. freedom of speech iz 2 agree with wot i say hardee har har u need to agree with otherz 2 and dat is wot i say.. donut let itchee cartoons get u flippy.

  4. Juniper says:

    We all must learn not to upset you?

  5. Jim says:

    I think that was a joke, Juniper. I think.

  6. Iroquois says:

    Well, Juniper, there’s also the Hadiths, the sayings of the prophet that were remembered by people who knew him. There are strong Hadiths and weak Hadiths, depending on the degrees of separation and time lapsed between the person who said it and the person who wrote it down, number of people remembering it, etc. These are supposed to shed light on what the prophet was thinking and the context for the laws.

    Not all Moslems accept the Hadiths as gospel though–the Koran itself says it is a “clear book”, which some say means it doesn’t need interpretation.

    There is also a matter of local customs which are sometimes mistaken for Islamic ideology. For example the practice of honor-killing is not in the Koran; it is often said to be merely a bedouin custom. Yet, a father is prohibited by the Koran from killing his own daughter, so you will always find honor killings done by the brother on the father’s orders.(The Koran says children have to obey both father and mother.)

    Still the Koran is the one thing accepted by all Moslems as being the exact revealed word of God. You have to look at the Koran first.

  7. Juniper says:

    When I talk about Islamic theology, the first thing I’ll look to is what followers of Islam say their own theology is, and a lot of them are saying that their theology forbids cartoons of Mohammed. Who are non-Muslims to say to Muslims that they don’t understand their own theology.

    I disagree with that theology, but I don’t disagree with Muslims that it is a part of Muslim theology. It is a part of Islamic theology precisely because they say it is, whether that makes sense to you or not.

  8. Iroquois says:

    No I haven’t seen them say that. They always talk about being insulted, but if you ask them what is insulting they can’t answer. It is the non-Moslems that offer up the thing about theology forbidding cartoons, and I just gave you a long Koranic thing about that myself, but again, it’s not the Moslems who are saying that.

    Apparently the talking points they’ve been given don’t extend that far.

  9. abdulqhani says:

    wait a minute how dare you can talk about Islam with out you having enough knowledge about it except what you heard from the media and other ignorant people. but, that is not what Islam is, if you want to know what is Islam then go to Islamic schools or make researches about it but don’t make any ignorant ideas about it.

    1. Jim says:

      Charming notion: that only people who have gone to Islamic schools can talk about Islam.

      No, wait. No, no, that’s not charming at all.

  10. George says:

    How dare people talk? People dare to talk because they’re under the impression that they have freedom of speech, and cannot be censored by religious zealots like yourself, abdulquani.

  11. nit says:

    freedom of speech has some limits..i cant jst say fuck ur mum jclifford and tell ur frnds about ur mother tiny tits jst because of the freedom of speech..t z also about respecting others..anyway y 2 talk 2 u u r jst an animal who left everythg n his life 4 a lil sick fun that comes from hurtin other people’s feelings…by the way u who read the qoraan and still rude nt 2 defence the great great great man who brought ths magnificent book that challenged u 4 1400 years 2 find a one tiny mistake n t even wth the fact that the great brilliant master of all people prophet mohammed couldnt read or still delieverd us ths book..nothing ths magnificint can be of a man made ..ths is a msg from god..and prophet mohammed is the great messanger of for this..when i come and we all come 1400 years after him..i wanna imagine him as great and as pure as i can..nt like ur stincky stupid cartoons..n i dn want my children 2 remember him like ths..zn ths respect?..f an american gy kills my relatives i ll go kill hom..i wont go do cartoons for jeez..if i do so then my problem is a lot deeper than revange for killing..ths means that my problem is a gealousey from a great religion..we don do nthin 2 other religions..because we r na gealouse of these religions we r satisfied of ours

  12. Jim says:

    Actually, you can say “fuck ur mum.” You just did, and nobody stopped you.

    You ought to meet up with some Christian fundamentalists and get a conference going or something. You sound very much alike.

  13. Anonymous says:

    can’t you just shut the fuck

  14. Anonymous says:

    get the fuck all these stuff from here or I’m guna rip you from the roots and your head aswell

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