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Stock Footage Girl, Now Voting Obama Precinct Captain, Talks Back

Old footage of Casey Knowles appears in this ad. But now she’s of voting age, is an Obama precinct captain, and rejects the campaign ad by Hillary Clinton selling fear with blue tinting.

It’s insubstantial. It’s one person, and it’s not really Hillary Clinton’s fault that a person whose image she chose from stock footage happens to be a precinct captain for Barack Obama (although the bit about fear-based advertising is spot on). It’s no reason to change anybody’s vote. It’s just funny. Sometimes something is just funny.

One thought on “Stock Footage Girl, Now Voting Obama Precinct Captain, Talks Back”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That bed looks exactly like the one at the farm back in the 50’s. I don’t know why the blue color scares her. It looks just like the raster color of the black and white TV’s that were just coming out. There wasn’t any electricity upstairs, but at night the mercury vapor farmyard light put a bluish white glow on everything. That was the modern color, not like the old yellow yard lights. Those were secure times, before the Russians got the bomb, before there were gangs of thieves roaming the countryside. To someone growing up at that time, the blue is a secure color, it means the parents are looking in on you to make sure you are still breathing, not working two jobs, and there is enough prosperity for electricity and modern lights. I can almost hear the crickets.

    Maybe security is a different color now or maybe kids now don’t know what security is anymore. How can an 18-year-old respond to an ad like that?–don’t they prefer partying?

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