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Barack Obama Uses Foreigner Monks To Campaign in Pennsylvania!

These Irregular Times liberals have their heads in the sand when it comes to Barack Obama. A couple of days ago they wrote in alarm about the State Department spying against Barack Obama’s passport records. Oh, complain, sure, but did these pinkos ever stop to think that maybe there was a reason that patriotic Americans might want to have a look at Barack Obama’s passport records? Something Barack Obama is trying to hide?

This weekend, the truth came out with what at first appeared to be an innocent blog post on the official Barack Obama campaign web site.

“Caitlin Harvey” wrote about her efforts to campaign for Barack Obama in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. What could be wrong with that? Oh, nothing, unless you consider dependence on a foreign religious group to infiltrate American politics a problem!

As anyone who has ever read the Brother Cadfael mysteries, Shrewsbury is not in Pennsylvania at all. Rather, Shrewsbury is a town in England, near the border to Wales, a separatist region with links to the Shrewsbury monastery itself!

That “Caitlin” has an awfully Celtic-sounding name. Why should we believe that she hasn’t brought her radical Welsh-separatist, religious foreigner agenda to the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania?

Is this “Caitlin Harvey” an officially registered agent of a foreign government? There is no public record of such a thing. Why is she trying to hide this role?

We can only conclude that the Barack Obama for President campaign has been infiltrated by extremist Welsh nationalists who seek to establish a network of theocratic monasteries here within the United States… and solve murders in their spare time.

Can Barack Obama be trusted, if he allows this religious welsh terrorism within his own ranks?

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama Uses Foreigner Monks To Campaign in Pennsylvania!”

  1. dude says:

    dude, caitlin harvey isn’t welsh, she’s originally from long island and then attended college at george washington university in foggy bottom, dc. and you idiot, shrewbury is also a town east of gettysburg pa.

  2. Carla says:

    Dude, I think this was a joke.

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