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Clinton Continues to Lose Share in Bumper Sticker Straw Poll of March 16-22

Since Election Day 2004, we’ve kept track of committed support for various 2008 presidential contenders, indicated by sales of Election 2008 bumper stickers, magnets, campaign buttons, and American Apparel t-shirts. Lately we’ve added yard signs, lapel stickers and union made t-shirts for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as well. While polls measure fickle opinions, our measure tracks the stronger commitment marked by the laying down of cash to promote a candidate in public. The more strongly committed are more likely to actually get out there and vote. The following is the percent share of sales of our Election 2008 gear in the past week of March 16 to March 22, 2008:

Barack Obama 2008: 85.9%
Hillary Clinton 2008: 13.9%
Mike Gravel 2008: 0%
Others: 0.2%

Pro-Obama gear has accounted for a majority of our sales share since the first full week of 2008, when he won the Iowa caucuses an unexpectedly large margin. During the month of February, Barack Obama’s share of election 2008 gear we sold was close to or above 90%. Immediately after the primaries of Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, however, Hillary Clinton experienced a resurgence in sales, coming back to a quarter of all sales. But in every week since that week, Barack Obama has accounted for a larger portion of sales. This last week alone, Obama’s share climbed by 9.2 percentage points. — and Hillary Clinton’s share declined by an equivalent amount.

One thought on “Clinton Continues to Lose Share in Bumper Sticker Straw Poll of March 16-22”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    From what I see, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has devolved to just trying to smear Barack Obama with negative attacks. Maybe some of the mud from Clinton is sticking, maybe not.

    If Hillary Clinton is indeed succeeding in getting voters turned off to Barack Obama voters, however, these sales figures indicate that support for Hillary Clinton is not increasing as a result. If people really are getting turned off to Barack Obama by all the smears started by the Clinton campaign, then they’re just getting turned off, and they’re still not feeling enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton for President.

    Hillary Clinton supporters need to think long and hard about how this strategy could possibly lead to a Democratic victory in November 2008.

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