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Cartoon Video of Mohammed Blasts John McCain and John Hagee

What on Earth do we need to do to get the insane Reverend John Hagee the kind of attention that was given to Barack Obama’s former reverend? John Hagee was sought out by Republican presidential candidate John McCain over a period of at least a year. John McCain begged John Hagee to become his partner in politics, and Hagee obliged, endorsing McCain for President, appearing with him on stage at campaign appearances. In spite of every crazy thing that John Hagee has said, he is still featured on the official John McCain for President web site, giving a speech with John McCain and Cindy McCain looking on approvingly, and applauding John Hagee.

j. cliffordAs everyone has heard by now, John Hagee calls the Catholic Church the “whore of Babylon”, that statement alone has gotten the lion’s share of attention, thanks to hyperactive Catholic defenders of the faith, but it’s nothing in comparison to Hagee’s other extremist declarations. What has John Hagee said that’s so outrageous? I’ll just cover a few of the highlights.

– Hagee says that he considers himself to be at war against non-Christians
– Hagee says that gays, and the neighbors of gays, deserve to be swept out to sea and drowned
– Hagee says that the Nazi slaughter of Jews was orchestrated by God himself. The Jews deserved to be shipped off to slaughter in rail cars, Hagee says, because they refused to worship Jesus.
– Hagee also says, predictably, that everyone who has a significant disagreement with his religious opinions deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity.

John Hagee is a walking definition of the word wacko, but he continues to receive recognition and publicity from the McCain for President campaign. Hagee remains a signifcant political patron of John McCain.

Nonetheless, John Hagee has received only a fraction of the scrutiny that Barack Obama’s former reverend has received. What do we have to do to get people to pay attention to this issue?

Hm. Well, our cartoons of Mohammed continue to get a steady stream of traffic, years after their original production. Okay, then. I’ll go along with that. Here’s an animated cartoon of Mohammed introducing the reprehensible connection between John Hagee and John McCain.

2 thoughts on “Cartoon Video of Mohammed Blasts John McCain and John Hagee”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Former, schmormer.
    I heard Barack’s “former” paster live on the radio a few weeks ago. Apparently he’s in Africa right now, but when he returns he’ll be hitting the lecture circuit. He’s gonna be a millionaire overnight, just for publicly uttering some words like “the U.S. of KKK”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    somebody has to say it (why isn’t it you?).

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