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After yesterday’s article on the Bush Administration’s refusal to meet deadlines in considering protection for the ribbon seal, I went in search of more information. For one thing, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find any reasonably large images of ribbon seals. They seem not to have been photographed very much, which is mind boggling to me, given their remarkable appearance.

Perhaps I’ll go on an expedition to the Bering Sea in order to photograph ribbon seals myself.

In the meantime, before I hire a boat, I wanted to provide interested readers with a couple of related links to organizations I found that are working on protecting marine life around Alaska.

First of all, there’s the Alaska Ocean Observing System, which brings together federal and state government authorities with scientists and people who depend upon the waters around Alaska for their livelihood.

Then there’s the Alaska Sea Life Center, which is kind of a marine zoo showcasing creatures that live in the Alaskan seas, but also engages in research and rehabilitation for marine mammals.

The North Pacific Research Board was created by Congress to encourage scientific research in the northern Pacific Ocean.

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council is a useful source of information on the rehabilitation of Prince William Sound, but it consists of officials from the federal and Alaska state governments, and given the current nature of those governments, the information you get there needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration maintains a page of Arctic-related government information.

Polar Bears International supports polar bear research and conservation.

Earthjustice maintains a page of resources related to legal environmental issues and action.

Coastal Alaska provides maps of coastal regions of Alaska.

International Polar Year attempts to focus scientific research on polar regions near Alaska.

The federal government’s Arctic Research Commission coordinates government-supported research in the Arctic

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