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CafePress Election Sales Stats Confirm: Obama Up, Clinton Down

In our tracking of the thousands of Election 2008 bumper sticker, button, no-sweatshop shirt, lawn sign and poster sales we make each week, we reported this past Sunday that over the past couple of weeks, Barack Obama has gone up in the share of 2008-themed item sales supporting him while Hillary Clinton has gone down in her share of sales. In a comment, however, someone else who sells election items claims that

I have a few Obama buttons for sale through Cafepress, and one has been selling fairly consistently. Since the Wright story broke, I have not sold one–not even one.

Two empirical claims met in yellow wood. And you, you took… well, which tale should you travel by? Both are depictions of sales patterns for particular shops. Let’s look at the overall sales statistics for Election 2008-related items reported by CafePress for all CafePress shops:

CafePress statistics for sales from all shops of Election 2008 gear

The broader pattern across all CafePress shops is consistent with the pattern we’ve reported for our shops: a rise for Clinton after the March 4 primaries and caucus, but a rise for Barack Obama since then. Barack Obama’s share of sales has continued to rise despite (or because of?) the controversy on Wright and race in America. Hillary Clinton’s share of sales has dropped through the period.

CafePress hasn’t reported yet on sales statistics for this week in the race, but we’re happy to oblige. Let me take a look…

… all right, I’ve tallied up the stats for the week so far (March 23-27, 2008). The distribution looks like this:

Pro-Clinton: 8.4%
Pro-Obama: 90.9%
Other: 0.7%

P.S. What about John McCain? Just look at the graph. The fellow’s an also-ran in the kind of committed support reflected in a purchase.

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