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A More Perfect Union, Through Obama or Clinton

In the election of 2008, I don’t want to allow any candidate, Democrat or Republican, to make a believer out of me. I don’t want to support a candidate because I believe in that candidate. Instead, I want to support a presidential candidate who is willing to run a campaign and serve as President in such a way that the position of the individual citizen is honored. I want a to support a presidential candidate who forgoes the presidential cult of personality, and encourages Americans to believe in themselves instead.

If you support Barack Obama, fine. If you support Hillary Clinton, fine. Whichever way you lean, however, you would do well to consider the approach to leadership suggested by Barack Obama’s use of a simple phrase, time honored in American history: A more perfect union.

Hundreds of years ago, the founding fathers of the United States of America made it their goal to create a more perfect union. They knew that perfection was not in itself the goal. Rather, the aspiration to something better was the point of democracy. They called for the establishment of a more perfect union. That establishment was not intended to be attained, once and for all, with a revolution or with the writing of a constitution. The establishment of a more perfect union in the form of the United States is an ongoing process which is maintained through a healthy democratic process that allows the nation to adapt according to the will of the people, but always enabling liberty, justice and equality.

a more perfect union barack obama american apparel shirtIn his speech this month, Barack Obama called upon Americans to remember the goal of the founding fathers in seeking to move America toward a more perfect union. He was not so naive to argue that his presidency will be able to solve all of America’s problems. In fact, Obama openly admitted his imperfection. Obama did, however, ask every American to summon the strength for an abandonment of the politics of fear, and rededicate themselves to the ideals of hope and change upon which the USA was founded.

If you support Barack Obama, don’t believe in that message just because Barack Obama spoke it. If you support Hillary Clinton, don’t dismiss the message just because Barack Obama spoke it.

Barack Obama does not own the concept of America as an ongoing effort toward a more perfect union. As American citizens, we all own that idea. How we apply our power as citizens of the union is a matter of individual conscience and open for free public debate. The important thing is that we do attempt to apply that power, and do so with an eye to doing more than obtaining power for a favored candidate for a short term in office.

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