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Normalcy In Iraq and In the USA

This week, George W. Bush declared that “Normalcy is returning back to Iraq,” just as Iraq careened out of control.

So, what does this new normalcy in Iraq look like? It looks like the American warplanes shooting at Iraqis’ homes and killing civilians huddled inside. That’s what happened in Basra, where 8 civilians were killed when an American jet fighter decided to fire on a house in a residential neighborhood… to keep unrest from getting out of control.

That’s a casual kind of normalcy in Iraq, where the lives of people are regarded rather cheaply as being in the way of a good fight.

There’s a rather different kind of normalcy here in the United States, where the government has become so meticulously concerned that even one American might be killed by terrorist evildoers who come from somewhere, somehow, that a woman was forced by Homeland Security agents to remove one of her nipple rings with a pair of pliers before she would be let on board an airplane.

With these two airplanes, there were two different versions of normalcy. In one country’s normalcy, shooting at people’s houses from miltary attack aircraft is okay. In another country’s normalcy, it’s not okay even to have nipple piercings, because they might be part of an insidious plot to kill somebody on an airplane.

Both situations are expressions of the Republican view of what’s right in the world. If you want four more years of this, then John McCain is your candidate for President.

One thought on “Normalcy In Iraq and In the USA”

  1. Tom says:

    i can’t believe the Democrats are risking blowing this election because one candidate can’t take the hint. The economic meltdown will take a while to trickle out to Joe Sixpack, so the indignation and disgust for the current situation (with more to come, just wait til summer) both at home and abroad due mainly to Republican policies (with a lot of help from “Democrats” like Lieberman and a complicit, uncooperative, corporate driven Congress, regardless), they could still pull it out, but now it may be close. When an election is close, it somehow goes to the Republicans (Supreme Court default mode now).

    This isn’t good.

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