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Judge Richard Roberts, What Are You Waiting For in Unity08 Case?

Unity08 filed its lawsuit against the FEC, trying to sue for the right to take donations of unlimited size, on January 10, 2007. The last substantive filing in the case was in May of 2007. Unity08 continues to profess its meager existence if for no other reason than to reach some resolution with the case. But public records reveal that Judge Richard W. Roberts of the DC District Court has failed to make any ruling in the case.

Rulings in federal elections law are time-dependent, and the case has large implications for how campaigns and campaign support structures are run. Can someone explain to me why Judge Roberts would sit on this case for 10 months and give it no resolution? If you’re a lawyer, can you explain to someone like me who lacks a law degree whether this is at all unusual, and if not, why?

One thought on “Judge Richard Roberts, What Are You Waiting For in Unity08 Case?”

  1. charley alston says:

    i believe youu guys are right you dont have to do anything for these losers no one really cares and they think because you guys have some authority you guys have to take the credit for everything and you dont.. so more power to you guy seriously.. kid yalls head you.. real rap.!!

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