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Print Comparison: Skreened and Zazzle Shirts

Since we now sell American Apparel shirts through Skreened and Union-made shirts through Zazzle, I thought it might be a good idea to compare the print quality of the two print outfits on the two shirts. So I put this image…

Barack Obama on the Constitution

onto an American Apparel shirt at Skreened and a Union-made shirt at Zazzle. Then I bought both.

Here is a close-up image of the American Apparel shirt printed by Skreened:

Close-Up Image of a Barack Obama Shirt Printed by Skreened

And here is a close-up image of the Union shirt printed by Zazzle:

Close-Up Image of a Barack Obama Shirt Printed by Zazzle

By my eye, the edges of the text on the Skreened shirt is a bit less smudgy, and the interior of the text on the Skreened shirt is a bit more fully filled-in. Overall, I am really quite happy with the printing on both shirts. When I look at both shirts on the whole, the design on them appears crisp and distinct.

4 thoughts on “Print Comparison: Skreened and Zazzle Shirts”

  1. Carolyn Palit says:

    I am being tortured by directed energy/psychotronic weapons, and I am being sprayed with nanotechnology that self-replicates within the body (we all are being infested with these implants — see my site), so what do I do when my Senator John Cornyn will not help me? He has totally violated his oath of office. Is there a procedure to remove the jerk from office?

    Good site by the way.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    Ha, ha.

    You could try spraying him with nanotechnology, Carolyn.

    (No, no, Department of Homeland Security snoops, I don’t really mean it.)

  3. Horatio says:

    Hm. And the Skreened shirt costs 3 dollars less. Seems that Skreened is the right choice.

  4. Caza Creations says:

    Thanks for the product review. I use both but I haven’t ordered anything from Skreened yet. It’s good to know that they are above or on par with Zazzle.

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