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McCain Spiritual Advisor Says You Can Pay Him For Miracles

In the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain suffers from selfish spiritual guidance.

This sounds too kooky to be true, but John McCain has got himself mixed up in a religious scheme that promises people that they can receive miracles in return for financial donations.

atheist writerAt the center of it all is Rod Parsley, the man that John McCain says is his “spiritual guide”. Rod Parsley has a campaign of his own. He calls it Resurrection Seed 2008.

What is Resurrection Seed 2008? Think snake oil. The promise Rod Parsley makes is this: Sending money to Rod Parsley will make you closer to God, and will convince God that you deserve to get “whatever you need!”

It basically amounts to a miracles for money exchange: People give money to Rod Parsley with the belief, encouraged by Rod Parsley himself, that God will give them anything they wish for in return for the donation.

This fraudulent scheme, going on year after year, is what has given Rod Parsley his power. Now, John McCain is partnering with Rod Parsley’s empire to gain support for his presidential campaign.

The upshot: John McCain’s campaign for President is fueled by snake oil. That’s some awfully dirty biodiesel.

Read more about the McCain-Parsley Resurrection Seed.

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