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Toast Theology, Day 2: May the Force Be With You

As I’ve noted before, the Divine lately has sending its messages to humanity through carbohydrates. The implications of this are astounding. Why, you might have found the answer to one of humanity’s great scientific, health, moral or political crises on your morning toast, if only you had looked. Ah, but you already ate it, didn’t you?

Never fear. I ate my whole wheat toast this morning as well, but before I ate it, I took a picture of it!

Look with me for divine revelations. What do you see? A cure for cancer? Instructions for the layout of jewels on some new temple?

The Theology of Toast, Day 2

Me, I see a TIE fighter being chased by a pair of X-Wing Fighters. See, up at the top there, moving from right to left…

3 comments to Toast Theology, Day 2: May the Force Be With You

  • anonymous

    I see R2D2 and CP3-O in the bottom right corner looking up in amazement!

  • Iroquois

    Why are you guys all eating white bread? Don’t you know it’s bad for the colon, not to mention expensive? If you’re going to eat bread, at least have some whole grain thing with some actual food value, instead of the bleached and processed monstrosities you keep photographing. I might also recommend oatmeal as being both nutritious and cost-effective, and when sprinkled with raisins and a little brown sugar will not produce the constipation these items provoke. Think of the time you could save in the bathroom.

    If you are photographing your food instead of eating it, something is wrong.

  • Fruktata

    I see a universe of eyes, all looking at me, because I am the center of the Universe. God himself has now confirmed what I knew all along, with a piece of toast!

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