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Warning on a Warning

Seen today in Columbus, Ohio:

Camera Surveillance Notice Undermined in Columbus, Ohio, Spring 2008

A small protest lodged at no cost to the protester, using Priority Mail stickers from the post office around the corner. Activism continues, even in small spaces.

3 thoughts on “Warning on a Warning”

  1. Iroquois says:

    The cameras we have on our streets do not have signs pointing them out as cameras. First of all, even in this neighborhood people are smart enough to know they are cameras. In the second place, how many of our immigrants and public school dropouts are actually able to read such a sign?

  2. Doctor Hickory says:

    Whose sign is this?
    What did it say?
    What is the defacer “protesting”?

    Who was being scared into “submission”?

    Without these facts, I can only surmise. Most of the signs that this one looks to be warn would-be thieves or trespassers on private property that their actions on this property are being recorded.

    Given that assumption only (since I can’t read the sign) is the protester claiming that the sign owners are trying to scare one against damaging private property? Is that “submission”? Are they trying to scare one against trespassing on private property? Is that “submission”? Are they trying to scare one against stealing items from private property? Is that “submission”?

    Only given the above assumption, it’s confusing this type of B_S for “protesting” that gives real fighting for justice a bad name.

    If someone is attempting to protect their private property, and a “protester” thinks that’s a bad idea, then they’re really promoting anarchy, not any kind of social justice. If your belief is that we should all practice communism, so there shouldn’t be any private property in the first place, that’s fine. But do it the responsible way; join your local branch of the Communist Party and see if your views are met publicly with acceptance.

    Also, the Post Office puts Priority Mail stickers out in their stores for customers using them for shipping things priority mail only. To take them for other purposes is stealing. They used to send you free rolls of great quality priority mail stamped vinyl shipping tape. This stuff was great for shipping, and they gave it to you by the roll, free. Until idiots abused it, and grabbed it free for other household uses. Now, it’s gone as a freebie. If someone puts a sign on something that says “take, free” or puts it on C/L’s free section or freecycle, then take it. But taking these labels to use for defacing private property isn’t clever, it’s simply childish. Nice to know that the “protester” wasn’t even committed enough to the supposed “cause” to spend their own funds on it.

    You say “activism”, I say childish pranks, worthy only of a kid with limited mental awareness.

  3. Iroquois says:

    Our cameras are usually in high crime areas and are meant to discourage dealing drugs, stolen merchandise, etc. The one in my neighborhood is on a block with a lot of crack houses and overlooks the parking lot of a bar. Where I used to work used to be a hotbed of street activity, people trying to sell all kinds of merchandise, cassette tapes, and even the occasional Bible thumper as well as panhandling an d trying to bum cigarettes. Now all are gone. I don’t object to drugs per se, but when this comes into a neighborhood you see graffiti (as different gangs try to control the lucrative trade)and it’s also dangerous for people who are just driving by as people doing drug deals on the street out of a vehicle are armed and do not want to be noticed. I don’t like the Big Brother aspect of cameras, but I would like to see the killings stop.

    One of the few examples of defacing property I agreed with was when I lived in the native American neighborhood of Minneapolis. This is one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, but was targeted by cigarette companies for huge Marlboro man-style billboards. A deep pockets industry was cynically taking advantage of people who could not really afford their products. One morning we got up and all the billboards had been spray painted with one black word scrawled across it “CANCER”. That was a great guerrilla action and it was also the first time I quit smoking.

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