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Trekkies Against Torture

It sounds like a joke – Trekkies Against Torture. Of course, torture is no joke, but Star Trek can be laughable at times, and Trekkies, the avid fans of Star Trek, have been the butt of many jokes over the years.

I won’t laugh at this organization. Later this year, a new Star Trek film is going to be released, and it’s being produced and directed by J.J. Abrams, a man with a long history of producing “entertainment” that justifies the use of torture.

Many Trekkies are horrified at the idea of a Star Trek movie that glorifies torture, given the understanding that Gene Roddenberry had a vision of a progressive future free from cruelty and violence. So, they’re organizing a campaign to pressure those connected with the Star Trek movie’s production to stay true to the original vision of Gene Roddenberry, and not descend into a revenge obsessed bloodbath.

The Trekkies Against Torture site explains:

“Today the US is in a human rights crisis. The public knowledge of torture by US agents and the curtailing of fundamental rights cloaked under the guise of the “war on terror” is frankly a nightmare. The use of torture by those working for the US government is not new. But the public acceptance of it is shocking! Sadly, popular culture and the media have not confronted the crisis and instead shows like 24 and ALIAS have used the “War on Terror” as a backdrop for their stories. And instead of confronting the disgusting behavior of an Administration defending its use of torture and ignoring the Geneva Conventions, these TV shows generate fear, anger, feelings of revenge and righteousness. That is NOT Star Trek.”

Good for these Trekkies. I don’t share their obsession with all things Star Trek, but I respect their interest in applying the best aspects of their personal interests in order to promote the quality of life we enjoy in the real world.

Make it so, guys.

5 thoughts on “Trekkies Against Torture”

  1. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Absolutely! When we accept inhumane and criminal behavior (torture, rape, etc.) as “entertainment” we create a culture that accepts these values. The television show 24 is probably cited more often by pro-torture thugs than any reasoned argument, which just goes to show the power that media culture has to shape our reality for better or worse.

  2. Iroquois says:

    Jordan’s Queen Rania also cited 24 as an example of stereotypes about Arabs in her new YouTube video.

    Star Trek was supposed to be a utopia–a vision of a future when all our present social problems had been solved on an even more complex level with multiple species. The clips here look like an anti-utopia.

    The “it is a good day to die” guys were always the example of the species doesn’t play nicely with other species and needs more enlightenment. Now they are what we aspire to?

    I say we need more vision of how to “live long and prosper”.

  3. Ralph says:

    Even in slaughter porn like Rambo, you could tell the bad guys because they were the ones who tortured.

    I really, really hope Star Trek doesn’t turn into torture porn like 24.

  4. Lip Bottoms says:

    And yet, all those alien species on Star Trek have funny foreheads. The result of torture?

  5. Neville Ross says:

    I have a big, fat suggestion for mot of you people out there; PLEASE don’t watch any of the new Star Trek movies anymore. Stick to the previous five series and the fan show Star Trek Plase II; that should keep all of you satisfied.

    Something else that I came across that sums up people like this group and the ones who agree with them:

    OK, so before I get a ton of annoying comments from offended fans, let’s clarify some things. This stamp is not directed at all fans. It is directed at the hardcore rabid fanatics who feel the need to bash everyone who doesn’t like the same exact shows/movies they do. Below is a better explanation.

    Every time I look up a video on YouTube about anything related to the new Star Trek movie, there never seems to be any shortage of hardcore fantards bitching and moaning about how JJ Abrams’s new movie killed the Star Trek franchise. Well, if you’re one of those people, let me put things into perspective for you.

    The studio is trying to make a profit. It’s kinda hard to do that though if all they do is pander to the fanbase of a dying franchise. When they do that it alienates the general public and they lose money big time. For instants, if you’ve never seen the TOS episode called “Space Seed” then you probably aren’t going to have a clue what is going on in “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan”. If you’ve never seen the TNG episode called “The Best of Both Worlds” then you might be confused as to what is going on in “Star Trek: First Contact”.

    Now, maybe those two movies were not good examples to use since both were successful and both are considered to be some of the better Trek films. The target audience of most of the Star Trek movies has always been long time fans who are familiar with the series. Someone who has never seen any of the shows is not going to have a clue what is going on. With the new movie, you don’t have to have watched a single episode to understand what is going on. If anything, the new movie saved the franchise by drawing in lots of new fans.

    As for the reason they did a reboot, think about this. One of the reasons Enterprise suffered was because the writers had to backcheck +40 years of continuity to avoid canon violations. Even still, they weren’t always successful. It was a massive hassle. By making a reboot, they essentially wiped the slate clean and opened the door for all new stories. A common thing I see fans complaining about is that the new movie destroyed the old continuity. Actually, the new film is set in a alternate reality. According to Star Trek Online, the Prime Universe still exists alongside the new universe.

    So how did butthurt Trekkies ruin Star Trek, you might be asking? Here, let me explain it. See, I don’t know what it is about this particular fandom but from my personal experiences, Trekkies are the most overzealous, self-righteous bunch of pricks I’ve ever encountered on the Internet. I know I’ve devoted a lot of time to bashing wolfaboos and Twitards but those are just dumbass teenagers and will eventually outgrow their immaturity. Trekkies though, are usually full grown adults behaving like 5 year olds. They fight among themselves and chase off new fans, thus pushing the franchise deeper into the hole.

    Here are some specific examples:

    I mentioned on a YouTube video that I like Enterprise and suddenly five assholes jumped all over me making all manner of personal attacks and telling me that “true Star Trek fans don’t watch Enterprise”.

    A much more common example is when I look up anything relating to the new movie, I always see assholes bashing and making personal attacks against anyone who has anything positive to say about the JJ Abrams movie.

    I also see the hardcore fan beating on the casual fans. A guy comes on and comments that he likes Star Wars and Star Trek and the next thing you know he gets flooded with crap like “Yeah well you suck cuz true Star Trek fans hate Star Wars!”

    I was looking at a Star Trek forum. I was considering joining until I saw something along the lines of this:

    New member: Hi, I saw the new movie and decided join cuz I’m interested in Star Trek now.

    Other members: The new movie is shit and if you like it you’re an idiot GTFO n00b!

    I’ve also seen fans of Voyager getting bashed by fans who think Voyager sucks.

    And as I ready stated, I’ve personally been bashed for liking Enterprise.

    Excuse me? Since when did the Star Trek fandom become an exclusive club? Since when does somebody need the approval of other fans to join? And who the fuck do you think you are telling me what “true fans” do and don’t do?

    When the hardcore fans bash one another and chase away any new fans who come along, it’s no wonder the fandom is in the shitter. Furthermore, when you people raise Hell and piss and moan every time a new Star Trek show or film comes out, it sends a message to the people making the stuff that you don’t appreciate anything they do. I’m seeing a pattern here.

    People bitched and moaned about Insurrection.

    People bitched and moaned about Nemesis.

    People bitched and moaned about Voyager.

    People bitched and moaned about Enterprise.

    I get the feeling that the producers finally got fed up and said “Fuck it! We’re not doing anymore Star Trek stuff.”

    So yeah, I blame obnoxious fantards for ruining the Star Trek franchise, not JJ Abrams, who in all likelihood saved it from the downward spiral it has been in.

    I should also add that this “I’m better than you ‘cuz I like (insert Star Trek show or movie here)” attitude is contradictory to the message of tolerance and understand that Star Trek promotes.

    By f14ace (

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