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A Violent Night For Crocus

The common sage seedlings had an exciting weekend, going in and out the front door in order to get some sun and be exposed to a little bit of wind. They’re growing, but they’re looking a little tossed and twisted, what with their attempts to move toward a shifting sun and their vulnerability to a gentle breeze, having been birthed in a still interior.

Before they went out for the first time, the seedlings were uniform in their stance, all about the same height, leaning in the same direction. Now they’re helter skelter individuals, bending, mixing it up.

If they had consciousness, they might be horrified to know that just a few feet from the steps where they have been sunbathing, there was a violent attack last night – against the crocus.

Just yesterday afternoon, I was admiring their light purple flowers as a sign of spring. This morning, taking my son out to meet the school bus, the flowers were all gone, the flower stalks neatly snipped down to the ground, one by one.

Deer tend to get the blame for eating plants like this, but I’m more inclined to blame the rabbits, woodchucks, or the squirrels – something with an eye close to the ground, and a brain that can’t remember that it’s the autumn crocus that has flavorful saffron for a pollen.

Next year, the bloom will be all the stronger for the brutal pruning. The crocus leaves are intact, gathering energy and now putting that energy into bulb division, rather than seed production.

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