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The Surveillance Bluff

Last Friday, I came across a construction site with five signs warning of ongoing camera surveillance there. Someone had plastered each of the signs with a sticker:

Surveillance Warning covered with a sticker in Columbus, Ohio

Last night I walked by the site again and decided to take a few minutes to look around:

Construction Site for Ibiza Condos on High Street in Columbus, Ohio

I walked around the entire perimeter of the empty lot, looking up and down. There wasn’t a single surveillance camera on the site, or on any surrounding street lamps, or on any adjacent buildings.

The surveillance warning is a bluff.

3 comments to The Surveillance Bluff

  • John Stracke

    There was a Dilbert about this once. The boss tells Dilbert to put up a fake camera in the break room. Dilbert: “If you treat the employees like criminals, they’ll leave.” Boss: “Good point. Make sure nobody can see the fake camera.” So he dumps it in a trash can and walks away whistling.

  • Here’s the topper: the construction project? Never built. That space on High Street in Columbus remains to this day a plot strewn with gravel and rubble.

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