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Letter to the Editor of the New York Times on Torture Coverage

My letter to the editor of the New York Times on the paper’s complete lack of coverage of the president’s torture conspiracy admission:

To the Editor:

On Thursday, the Times dedicated 19 square inches to a photograph of dancing nuns. In the 1990s, the Times dedicated countless pages to coverage of a president’s sex act. But the Times has dedicated not one millimeter to reporting on George W. Bush’s admission that, in his words, “I Approved” a meeting to devise a government policy of near-death drowning and other forms of torture. Mr. Bush’s admission places him at odds with federal law on conspiracy to commit torture. Yet there is not one millimeter of space devoted to this news in the Times. Why? What makes dancing nuns and a sex act more newsworthy than government-sponsored torture?

If you would like to send a similar letter to the editor of the New York Times, I encourage you to write to their e-mail address of Letters must be 150 words or less, and must include your full name, phone number and address.

[Postscript: Yes, I fully intend to write this issue to the bone. It strikes at the heart of legality, constitutionality, morality, freedom, transparency, domestic policy and foreign policy. 1,000 blog posts will not have the effect of one news article by the New York Times, but I’ll continue to do my small bit. I hope, if you think the issue of torture by our American government matters, that you’ll do your bit too.]

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