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Newspaper Strike Called on Bush Torture Blackout has a full list of all the American papers providing coverage of the story that President George W. Bush has confessed to personally approving a U.S. Government conspiracy to commit torture. Here’s the list as of April 17:

Brattleboro (Vt.) Reformer
Kansas City Star
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News

If your newspaper is not on this list, then your newspaper has not covered Bush’s torture conspiracy confession. is calling for a “Torture News Strike” in which newspaper subscribers cancel subscriptions and specifically mention the reason — the newspaper’s refusal to inform readers of George W. Bush’s torture confession. Remember, these are the same newspapers that about a presidential sex act screamed, “What Will We Tell the Children?” Now confronted with a conspiracy to commit torture that goes to the top of the U.S. Government, the papers mumbling, “Why Should We Tell Anybody?” This is unacceptable.

I fully endorse and support the Torture News Strike, and I encourage you to join. Here’s what to do:

1. Call the circulation department and cancel your subscription to the newspaper. Inform the customer service agent why you've done so.

2. Write, phone, or e-mail the news director/news editor of your newspaper and inform them why you've done so.

3. Write a blog post, or make a myspace post, or create a YouTube video in which you tell the world what you've done.

4. Tell 10 friends about the Torture News Strike and encourage them to follow your example.

By the way, yes, I’ll walk my talk.

I have just canceled my subscription to the New York Times.

Update: The New York Times has broken its silence on the Bush torture conspiracy. Thanks, NYT. My subscription is renewed.

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  1. Jim says:

    Not in its print edition.

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