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Bumper Sticker Tracking Straw Poll for the Democratic Presidential Candidates: April 13-19, 2008

As the Pennsylvania primary looms, another week has passed in the 2008 presidential race, and that means it’s time to take another peek at our Election-related sales statistics. Since the election debacle of 2004, we’ve kept track of committed support for various 2008 presidential contenders, indicated by sales of Election 2008 bumper stickers, magnets, buttons, lawn signs, American Apparel t-shirts and lapel stickers supporting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

While polls measure fickle opinions, our measure tracks the stronger commitment marked by the laying down of cash to promote a candidate in public. The more strongly committed are more likely to actually get out there and vote. The following is the percent share of sales of our Election 2008 gear in the past week of April 13 to April 19, 2008:

Barack Obama 2008: 91.0%
Hillary Clinton 2008: 8.1%
Mike Gravel 2008: 0.0%
Others: 0.9%

I hate to sound like a broken record, but when the results fit a repetition, a repetition it must be: This has been another great week of sales for Barack Obama, another not-so-great week of sales for Hillary Clinton, and another disastrous week of sales for Mike Gravel, the candidate who’s decided he wants the Libertarian Party to take him in.

Postscript: for the last two weeks, I’ve wanted to share with you CafePress’ overall sales statistics for 2008 presidential election candidates. I’ve had two reasons for that desire. First, it’s a way of showing that beyond our own shops, sales in general by CafePress have followed the trend we report (which is true up through April). Second, it’s a way of looking at patterns in sales of bumper stickers promoting John McCain’s candidacy. We’d never sell pro-McCain bumper stickers because we oppose him as a presidential candidate, but CafePress’ Election Meter web page has featured statistics on McCain gear sales from all CafePress shops since November of 2007.

Did I write “has” in that last sentence? It would be more appropriate to write “had.” Since April 5, CafePress hasn’t updated its sales statistics on its Election Meter page. Did they tire of it? We’ll keep reporting here.

2 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker Tracking Straw Poll for the Democratic Presidential Candidates: April 13-19, 2008”

  1. Vynce says:

    please take a peek rather than a peak. I like this Obama Plateau.

  2. Jim says:

    Ay, me! Another tipo. Thabks for catching itt.

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