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Attempted Coverup of Alleged John McCain Satanic Symbol!

Republicans have begun to play dirty in their efforts to tear down Barack Obama. The latest whisper campaign whipped up by supporters of John McCain claims, based upon the word of missionaries Celeste and Loren Davis, that Barack Obama is the secret representative of a corrupt and violent political dynasty in Kenya, as well as a member of an Islamic jihadist conspiracy that plans to destroy America.

Those are intense attacks against Barack Obama, but as I pointed out yesterday afternoon, Loren Davis Ministries should not be given much credibility when it comes to matters like this. After all, Loren and Celeste Davis have said that Hillary Clinton, public education, the National Football League, and even many Christian churches are cooperating in a gigantic satanic conspiracy. I pointed to the Loren Davis Ministries web site to document that Loren Davis had in fact made these crazy claims.

Today, in an attempt to control the public relations crisis for their anti-Obama whisper campaign, the Loren Davis Ministries removed their article that claims that the NFL is part of a satanic conspiracy. Look for it, and all you’ll see now is a notice that the article cannot be found.

Unfortunately for the Loren Davis Ministries, they didn’t think through this cover up very thoroughly. They didn’t take into account, for example, the existence of Google Cache. Google Cache saves a copy of most web sites, so that people can get information even if a web site is temporarily off-line. So, lickety-split, I was able to get right to the Loren Davis web site page about the satanic conspiracy of the Star of Sirius. Almost as quickly, I saved that article as a PDF.

Here it is for you, then: the PDF of the document Loren Davis tried to destroy, in which Loren Davis writes, “An interesting thing happened during the American Super Bowl which determines the NFL Football Champion, February, 2007. The half-time entertainer had a big cloth of some kind around the stage on which he was performing. There was an appendage hanging down from his guitar. This created a silhouette that LOOKED LIKE SATAN with a forked tail, and below him showed the silhouettes of people with their hands lifted as if they were WORSHIPPING SATAN. The secular news media was even talking about this. No one should be naive enough to believe that this was merely coincidental. The world is being conditioned to fulfill Revelation 13:4, to boldly and openly worship Satan. The Bible prophesies this is coming. These are some of the signs of the times. (Matthew 16:3)”

Why would Loren Davis pull down this web site so quickly, in response to our calling attention to it? There are a couple explanations I can think of:

1. What Loren Davis said about there being an NFL conspiracy to promote satanic worship because of something hanging off a guitar during a Super Bowl halftime show was absolutely ridiculous. This claim exposes the complete lack of credibility that Celeste and Loren Davis have, and they realized that. So, they attempted to cover up the article in order to try to salvage their nasty rumormongering against Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton too – remember that they called her a socialist and satanist too).

2. They wanted to prevent the exposure of John McCain as a satanist.

Let me explain #2.

In the same article in which Loren Davis claims that the NFL is broadcasting messages for Satan, he also attacks the five pointed star. Celeste and Loren Davis believe that the five-pointed star is an ancient symbol of Satan, and so accuse any organization that prominently displays a five-pointed star of being part of a satanic conspiracy to destroy Christianity.

Loren Davis writes, “THE SIRIUS STAR is symbolized by the five
pointed star… The Sirius star is the foundation of the Baal religion of Egypt… BAAL WORSHIP, found in the Old Testament, was practiced in Egypt. BAAL comes from the word BAALZEBUB or BELZEBUB who is SATAN. BAAL WAS LITERALLY SATAN WORSHIP.”

There you have it, pretty clearly. Loren Davis proposes that the five pointed star is the Mark of the Beast, and a symbol of Satan.

Well, that’s a pretty inconvenient belief for a man who wants to destroy Barack Obama so that John McCain can be elected. You see, the logo for the McCain for President campaign has a big 5-pointed star right in the middle of it.

loren davis calls these stars the Mark of the Beast symbols of satan

So, by the standards of Loren Davis himself, John McCain must be a satanist. The 5-pointed star is practically plastered all over the John McCain for President web site, so if we are to believe the conspiracy theories of Loren Davis, we must conclude that John McCain is not only a servant of Satan, but a very enthusiastic Satan worshipper at that.

Of course, I don’t believe the conspiracy theories of Celeste and Loren Davis. I don’t believe that the 5-pointed star is a symbol of Satan, and I don’t believe the nonsense that Barack Obama is an undercover agent for Al Quaida either.

There’s trouble for those who have promoted the rumors attributed to Loren Davis, however. If they say that Loren Davis is a credible source on the crazy Barack Obama rumors, then they ought to accept the silly satanic star interpretations of Loren Davis as well. If they do that, they must conclude that John McCain is in league with the Devil.

Of course, Loren Davis and the silly ditto heads who have been forwarding his rumors about Barack Obama around the Internet are supporters of John McCain. So, they can’t deal with the idea that their own favorite candidate is himself a representative of the Hordes of Hell.

If Loren Davis were an honest Christian preacher, he’d take a look at his rantings and conclude that John McCain is indeed a satanist who wants to kill Jesus. But, it seems that Loren Davis is not an honest Christian preacher. Instead of following the logical structures of his conspiracy theories, Loren Davis just tried to shove them under the rug.

The Loren Davis Ministries simply deleted the parts of the conspiracy theory that were incovenient for the John McCain for President campaign. Yesterday, Loren Davis believed that a 5 pointed star is a sign of Satan. Today, Loren Davis has deleted that belief.

Depending on whether his original claims about the meaning of the 5-pointed star were correct, this coverup exposes Loren Davis either 1) a purposeful huckster who doesn’t believe his own preachings; or 2) a collaborator with Satan who is willing to promote a presidential candidate he knows to be an agent of Satan.

You choose which interpretation makes the most sense.

26 thoughts on “Attempted Coverup of Alleged John McCain Satanic Symbol!”

  1. Sylvee says:

    Right on! I keep getting ridiculous mail from people against Obama, latest about this Preacher Loren Davis, which led me to search his name and discover your writing! Thank You for speaking out for the sane people! Sylvee

  2. Damen says:

    I love how in the PDF document, the idea of a five pointed star seems to be all that’s required to get her panties in a bunch.

    Maybe I can use my pentacle as fundie repellent?

  3. Ricangal says:

    For the star to be considered satanic it must be displayed upside down. Have you noticed how the three stars on the elephant of the republican party icon have been turned upside down? This is was done in the year 2000.

  4. Jason says:

    Its not a pentagram, its a nautical star, and to many military people, its a symbol of finding one’s way home.

    Not too much of a stretch though with the satan thing. Really.

  5. Grustnij says:

    Must be something with republicans and five pointed stars… Look at Sarah Palin’s necklace in Alaska gov official photo:

    Well ain’t it just funny how a devoted Christian wears a pagan symbol instead of a cross which would be a more obvious choice?

  6. mharris says:

    Jim Jones….community organizer….don’t drink the punch guys!

  7. Anonymous says:

    you are all a bunch of nuts

  8. J. Clifford says:

    Oh yeah. We’re all a bunch of nuts, and Loren Davis, with his conspiracy theories about Satanism and the American flag, is making lots of sense. Oh sure.

  9. Jim says:

    I, personally speaking, am a filbert.

  10. james says:

    if you read about dooms day, the end of earth is 2012, which is the end of the next presidents term, during the term a man of power will come about known as the antichrist, just a thought to ponder

  11. Elle says:

    Well, for someone, somewhere, at sometime, each day is a doomsday for somebody.

    Let’s see, Nostradamus pecked the end of the world somewhere around the end of last century, as did Hal Lindsay (a christian “doomologist” who wrote several books in the latter half of the 20th century talking about the end days.).

    Back in the 1800’s it was going to be only a few years after the turn of the century.

    In the late 18th century, they were just so positive that the time had come, that the world was positively, definitely going to end in 1800, 1815 at the latest.

    If you Really are into the endtimes mania, the late 900’s are just the ticket; mass conversions, people selling all their worldly goods and joining holy orders, prophets at every crossroads preaching the coming of christ. I mean now That was the endtimes to beat all endtimes that have happened since.

  12. Buzy1 says:

    You know, I saw the 2 pentagrams raised high above the stage at McCain’s Defeat party in Arizona… Not trying to say anything, just pointing out the obvious. And, its good to know that someone else noticed the 5-point star in his campaign…

    I did some research myself, about the 5 star symbol and I also saw that it can mean military power and ideas… I started to dismiss that it had some real meaning, but seeing the stars projected to the top of the stage and knowing now regardless, its still pagan or wiccan either way…

    Right-side up means the Light or good witchcraft and the Up-side down is Dark or bad witchcraft… It’s still witchcraft!!! We all have differences, black or white or whatever…. But, I believe in God.

    1. Jon says:

      uterly insane you are

  13. Anonymous says:

    sometimes the 5 point star means the body of crist. You know, in cristianity. and the morning star… Isn’t the 6 point star the one that means the devil?

    1. J. Clifford says:

      No, actually. But, speaking of symbolism, do you know what anonymous means in pig latin? It means one who is afraid to link one’s opinions to one’s own name

  14. e. says:

    Conspiracy theories my ass. Obama is a Socialist/Freemason/Illuminati agent working for the New World Order, One World Government as predicted/prophecied in the Bible. The book of Daniel and Revelations to be exact. Prove me wrong.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      You’re a fairy dragon who eats pickled petunias on Saturday after beheading 18 children to make the special sauce for the meal. Prove me wrong.

      The burden of evidence is on you, given that you’re making an extraordinary claim, E.

  15. Olga says:

    YOU sir are a complete idiot. How RIDICULOUS is it that you believe that McCain would be using a symbol for the devil. Do you not realize that there are 5 pointed stars everywhere?? On our country’s FLAG even?! People like YOU are the reason that this country is in such a downwards spiral.

  16. zane says:

    lol thats a nautical star not a satanic symbol

  17. Jon says:

    I read your entire article and i have to say that it is complete craziness!!!! I can’t believe ANYONE would believe this and the sad thing is, there are people that do such as yourselves. Screw all of this conspirecy bullshit and just live your own life. I am a satanist and have no other agenda than just living my life the way I want to live it not the way some other people want me to live it.

  18. Kevin says:

    I bet that McCain sold his soul to the devil, and is required by contract to put the Devil’s mark on everything he does. sort of like Nascar.

    It happened when he was held captive by the NVA. He made a deal, not to be strong and withstand torture, no. the deal was that he would break and make propaganda films for them, BUT IT would not effect his future political career!!

    what a deal!

  19. Billy says:

    It’s just a fucking star. Pull your panties out of your snatch. People get to excited over nothing. So what there’s a star over his name and in his campaign. Stars are stars…they’re everywhere and on a bunch of shit. All of you that are getting excited over a couple stars must really have nothing to do with your life. As for me I happened to stumble across this and I decided to read what some of you morons wrote. Personally I think it’s sad that a few stars get peoples attention and get all hyped about it, don’t you people realize the bigger things that are going on in the world? ….Probably not, most likely busy at Wal-Mart using your wlefare checks…

  20. max green says:

    Obama might be a clone others as well nautical star known as Satan star STAR OF DAVID IS PAGAN do some easy research .. america following the cult of death it’s all over the clothing ect

  21. Jess says:

    Well I believe that there is alot of truth to the upside down five point star being demonic, satanic. The end of the world is coming soon and the signs are already taking place. I am a christian, a firm believer in the truth of Jesus Christ and I know that many of you are not. To each it’s own but I will say that the ONLY way to the Father is through the Son(Christ). In your spare time read Matthew chapter 24. It explains the times that we live in.Heaven and earth will all pass away but one thing is for sure..the Word of God will stand.Give your life to Christ and you will never be the same, He will wash you and renew your mind. Then and only then will your eyes be opened to spiritual insight. Romans 10:9 instructions on salvation.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      A lot of truth? Okay, Jess, show me ONE piece of actual evidence of any demon even existing, much less being associated with an upside down five point star.

      How the heck do you know that the end of the world is coming soon? Does your Magic 8 Ball tell you?

      RMEOL – Rolling My Eyes Out Loud

  22. Venomous Messiah says:

    “if you read about dooms day, the end of earth is 2012, which is the end of the next presidents term, during the term a man of power will come about known as the antichrist, just a thought to ponder”

    Good to see that the world didn’t end or start to in 2012, james. Glad you made it.

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