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Obama Critic Calls the American Flag Satanic!

Watch out, Republicans. You want to take on Barack Obama on the issue of the American flag? No problem. You’ve left yourselves exposed.

George Stephanopolous ought to have probed the issue of the American flag a little more deeply before he offered his inept question to Barack Obama about whether he really, really, really loves the American flag. If Stephanopolous weren’t so busy taking his political cues from Fox News, he might have actually investigated, and found out what lies beneath the Republicans’ position on the flag…

…some of them think that the American flag is a dark symbol of Satan.

No kidding. I’ve spend the last couple of days looking at American missionaries, and McCain supporters, Celeste and Loren Davis. What I’ve found has been so extreme in its character that it’s often amused me. Who would have thought, for example, that people would seriously accuse the National Football League of being secretly in cahoots with the Devil?

I don’t think a lot of Americans would be quite as amused to discover that Loren Davis Ministries, the apparent source of a bizarre range of nasty and untrue Internet rumors about Barack Obama, has been preaching a radical version of Christianity that regards the American flag as a satanic artifact that promotes worship of the Devil.

It seems far out, but it’s true. The Republicans who have been busy sending around an email from Celeste and Loren Davis have been promoting a man who seems to hate the American flag.

Read the PDF of the article that Loren Davis tried to destroy before it could be made public. In that article, Loren Davis claims that the 5 pointed star is an evil ancient symbol of Satan, and includes the following article and text, attacking the American flag itself as a wicked emblem of a wicked nation.

McCain supporters think American flag is satanicLoren Davis hates the pluralism of the United States. He detests the Bill of Rights and its separation of church and state. He fears the American flag, suspecting it of being a symbol of Hell itself.

He supports John McCain for President.

What hypocrites these Republicans are, accusing Barack Obama of not loving the flag enough, and at the very same time forwarding around nasty emails in the name of Loren Davis, who himself suggests that the American flag is a symbol of pure evil.

If these Republicans truly loved the flag, and didn’t just wrap themselves in it for the sake of political convenience, then they would reject the allegiance of Loren Davis. But, they don’t. Republicans online defend Loren Davis and his flag-hating ways.

Me, I neither revere nor reject the flag. It’s not the flag I care about. It’s American freedom I care about. That’s why I reject the radicalism of Loren Davis, who stretches credibility to find Satan hiding around every corner, and uses fear of Satan as a justification for attacking the liberty that has made America great.

We ought not to allow such a medieval thinker as Loren Davis to influence our opinions about the American presidential election in 2008. Loren Davis is a shocking example of the very backwards thinking behind the Republican agenda. It’s time for America to move forward with a President who has the courage to form a foreign policy and domestic policy that is not defined by fear of demons that do not exist.

One thought on “Obama Critic Calls the American Flag Satanic!”

  1. Charlie Payne says:

    This statement, “It’s time for America to move forward with a President who has the courage to form a foreign policy and domestic policy that is not defined by fear of demons that do not exist.” is evident of what’s wrong with the USA. Our founders knew demons did exist and our real enemy was Satan. Our schools were founded upon and taught the “Christian Religion”. It’s easy to prove! Just read the first public school book, The New England Primer! What are you really afraid of?

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